Advantages Of Direct Marketing

B2B direct marketing has been proven effective through all ages. Much more, today's modern time calls for a regular direct marketing imposture for you to be able to keep in touch with the businesses' fast paces.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail can be used for other reasons besides making a direct sale.

Flexible Targeting

B2B direct marketing enables you to talk directly identify, isolate and represent with well-defined target markets. This means you get a higher conversion and success rate than if you tried communicating to everyone in the mass market. And direct marketing online is also far cheaper than mass market communication.

Multiple Uses

B2B direct marketing doesn't just have to be used to sell - it can be used to test new markets and trial new products or customers, to reward existing customers to build loyalty, collect information for future campaigns, or segment a customer base.


The cost per acquisition of direct mail can be significantly less than other marketing methods. Plus once you've acquired a customer, you can also benefit from highly profitable repeat sales, gained once again through marketing methods.

Ease of Management

It provides greater control and accountability than other marketing methods. It is easy to measure results because you know exactly how many people you've contacted in the first place. Once you've run a direct marketing campaign and know the conversion rates involved, you can work on refining and improving your success rates. Plus it also makes it easier to plan, forecast and budget for future direct marketing campaign.

Rapid Delivery

Direct marketing is both swift and flexible in achieving results. This is especially true for telemarketing, one of the direct marketing tools, as the results of a conversation can be logged immediately and scripts adjusted straight away to improve results.

Testing Capability

It allows you to test, test and test again in order to hit upon the most successful combination of direct marketing tools. Any of these variables such as timing, list, message, mailer and offer can be adjusted, tested again, and measured to find the optimum proposition.

Relationship Building

Direct marketing is far more effective at initiating and developing a meaningful dialogue with new customers. From the outset you have a direct relationship with them, which can also be used as part of a push pull strategy to stimulate demand for retailers.

Targeting of Messages

It can enable you to target different messages to different recipients. Using technology such as digital printing, it's even possible to display different images, designs and offers in a direct mailer according to who it's being sent to, as well as personalising the mailer to the recipient to increase conversion rates.

How To Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness With Minimal Cost

For many small business owners it can be difficult to identify the most effective marketing strategies to increase exposure while minimizing the investment required in terms of cash and time.

Here are some thoughts on how to improve your marketing effectiveness with minimal cost.

Taking advantage of free marketing opportunities ought to be a given. Social media is proving to be a lasting trend that not only reaches far beyond the regular scope of a simple marketing campaign but is also constant, versatile and universally accessible.

Focus your campaign on your perceived strengths - use this opportunity to give your brand a signature that marks you as different from your competition. Hone into specifics to create a distinctive message.

Be your own marketing analyst. With some simple research techniques you can determine what gives you the best return on investment for your business which is vital when funds are scarce.

Re-evaluate your target or niche markets. Utilize simple strategies that help to distinguish where you need to be spending your marketing dollars.

Once you have identified your key audience and defined your message the next focus is on representation. Employ both direct (more costly) and indirect (less costly) measures to deploy your message.

Consider running seminars or courses that provide a mutual benefit for your industry, sponsor events or promotions that may engage your target audiences or consider a partnership with a non-profit organization that may highlight and be a benefit to both of you.

Business cards and stationery are a classic but solid method. These days printing costs are very low and this method is one of the easiest ways to gain exposure. Leave your card wherever is appropriate, asking friends, local business owners and colleagues to help you pass them on.

Your team members may well interact with your target market at times that you don't expect. Give them their own business cards and encourage them to promote the business whenever they can.

Join local community groups and clubs. As well as making a contribution to your community you may well find opportunities that would not otherwise be available to you. The cost is negligible and the networking potential is very high. Offer free consultations, trial periods or sample products or even consider putting on a contest that will get your service, product or name out there.

How to Improve Your Marketing Results Today!

When I first found out that marketing could generate me leads of people interested in doing business with me even before I made any direct contact I couldn't believe it. But Guess what? It is much easier than said. What if I told you there was a way that you could improve your marketing results today?

I am sure you thinking, OK John, what is "new secret" today? What are you going to share with me that I haven't heard of before?

Every trainer in the network marketing industry is preaching from his or her YouTube channel and email newsletter about all the different types of marketing, but what could you possibly offer me?

Here is the secret: The so called "Network Marketing Experts" did not come up with all their ideas on their own. They read the book and recreated the information as their own.

They took the principles of marketing that work, and they just re-did them!

Nothing special...

So how can you do the same thing?

Easy! Steal what works! If you hear of a company that is having great results with their marketing, take their ideas and apply them to your business.

I see too many network marketing set up web sites and marketing where they are pioneering some new idea. As you should know by now Pioneers found wealth. Pioneers are known for being shot with arrows and dying.

Tip- What works, WORKS!

To generate all the leads you need, just follow what works! Do not trying and recreate what has work for 100 plus years in direct response marketing.